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Sep 12
At Meldon Law, we are dedicated to use our experience, resources, and time to fight for Justice for victims of accidents and the rights of individuals charged with DUI and other criminal offenses.
Most Florida accident victims and those arrested for DUI want their questions answered and their options explained to them with respect, understanding, and in terms they can understand. My dedicated and innovative team of experienced accident attorneys and criminal defense attorneys and I, Jeffrey Meldon, do just that. In addition, we add the personal attention that any individual who has been seriously injured deserves. Feel free to contact us and find out how we can help you regain your peace of mind and get you started on the right track towards justice and recovery.
At Meldon Law, our car accident lawyers have helped many injured victims in and around Ocala and we can help you recover for your injuries. If you would like to discuss your car accident, please do not hesitate to contact our skilled legal team today. At Meldon Law in Ocala, our personalized and committed approach to every case helps us best represent the rights and interests of our injured car accident clients. We understand how significantly your injury can affect your life and know that the last thing you need is added stress from your financial losses or legal case. Our car accident attorneys will handle every step of your claim so that you can focus on your physical and emotional well-being.
The experienced personal injury lawyers at Meldon Law in Ocala are committed to helping victims of accidental injuries recover for their losses whenever they can. If you would like to learn about your legal rights following a personal injury, please call our office today to discuss your specific situation with an experienced member of our legal team.
The attorneys at Meldon Law know that you have many different options when it comes to hiring an attorney to defend against your DUI charges. For this reason, we always strive to stand out from the rest by providing the highest quality of defense representation possible. It is important to realize that not every criminal defense lawyer is familiar with DUI defense, so you should always seek assistance from a lawyer who has specific experience handling DUI cases. Our team of attorneys have six decades of combined experience defending against DUI charges in and around Ocala and you can count on us to dedicate all necessary resources to helping you.

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Big Truck Accidents
Truck Accident And Fire In Gainesville
Four Things You Didn’t Know About Truck Accidents
Proving That A Truck Driver Was Speeding
Electronic Logging Device Trucking Mandate
Safety Tips For Avoiding An Ocala Truck Accident
Why Do Large Commercial Trucks Roll Over In Florida?
Speed Limiters Halted In Their Tracks
Dangers Of Tanker Trucks
What Makes Large Truck Accidents Different?
Ocala Truck Accidents | Understanding And Preventing Rollovers
Beware Of Trucks And Busses!

Car And Motorcycle Accidents
Chain Reaction Crashes In Ocala
Recognizing Negligence In A Pedestrian Accident Case
Car Accident Settlement Work In Florida
Is A Traumatic Brain Injury The Same Thing As A Concussion?
Single-vehicle Motorcycle Accidents And Road Defects
How A Bicycle Accident Can Affect Your Life
The Importance Of Pedestrian Safety
Compensation For Your Gainesville Uber Accident
Should You Settle Your Car Accident Case On Your Own?
Common Road Defects That Can Lead To Serious Accidents
Three Serious Injuries That You Could Sustain In A Car Crash
What To Do If You Were Hurt In A Car Accident Over The Holiday Weekend
How Much Is Your Gainesville Car Accident Case Worth?
Are You “Road Ready” To Ride Your Motorcycle?
Recent Gainesville Motorcycle Accidents
Is Florida Getting Rid Of No-fault Auto Insurance?
Planning A Summer Road Trip? Follow These Safety Tips To Reduce Your Risk Of An Accident
Prom Season Can Result In More Drunk Drivers On The Road
Planning A Spring Road Trip? Make Sure That You Get Your Vehicle Checked Out
Repairs May Be The Least Of Your Concerns After A Car Crash
How Social Media Can Compromise A Car Crash Case
Documenting Your Injuries After A Car Accident
Common Causes Of Rear-end Accidents
Whiplash Can Affect Your Life In Many Ways
Many Car Accident Victims Require Surgery
Three Common Causes Of Tbi
Distracted Driving Does Not Have To Involve A Smartphone
Seeking Medical Treatment After An Accident
Plan Your Holiday Travel Carefully
Accidents Around Thanksgiving
Proving Fault In A Car Accident Can Require Significant Resources
Halloween Fun Can Put Your Child At Risk For A Pedestrian Accident
Understanding How Car Accidents Can Lead To Tbis
Why Should I Always See A Doctor After An Accident In Gainesville Or Ocala?
Tips For Gainesville And Ocala Seniors To Stay Safe On The Road
Tailgating Often Leads To A Car Crash
Florida Sidewalk Laws: Know What’s Allowed
Dropped By My Insurance Company: What Now?
Insurance For Teen Drivers In Florida
Who Was Responsible For Your Car Accident?
Why You Need A Lawyer After An Ocala Car Accident
Multi-car Accidents: More Than A Mess On The Road
Insurance Facts That Every Uber Gainesville User And Driver Needs To Know
Dangerous Intersections In Ocala
Protecting Your Legal Rights After A Car Crash
Man Dies April 30, 2016, After Collision With Gasoline Tanker
Pedestrian/Vehicle Accident Kills Teen
Ocala Chest Injuries Due To Auto Collisions
Memory Loss After A Gainesville Auto Crash
Ocala Airbag Deployment Injuries
Discussing Auto Accidents With A Gainesville Insurance Adjuster
Ocala Motorcycle Accident Causes
Alachua County Auto Accidents, Insurance Rates, And The Most Dangerous Intersections
Five Steps To Take After An Ocala Automobile Wrec
Use Your Smartphone After A Gainesville Auto Collision
Pokémon Go – Fun Or Feared
Have You Been Injured In A Rear-end Accident In Ocala?
How Does Social Media Affect A Personal Injury Case?
Deadliest Interstates In The State Of Florida: Florida Houses 4 Interstates Listed In The Top 10
No Seat Belt? Five Facts About The Florida Seat Belt Defense
Fhp (*347) An Important Cell Number To Remember All Year Round – Why?
Blown Tire Cause For I-75 Accident On Paynes Prairie – Ocala Accident Attorney Gives Safety Precautions
Child Passenger Safety Week: It’s Never Too Late To Educate!
In Personal Injury Accidents, Knee Injuries Are Common.
Driving While Stressed-a Form Of Distracted Driving. Ocala Accident Attorney Explains
Florida Dui Accident Victims Often Entitled To Punitive Damages. Gainesville Lawyer Helps Explain
Are You Entitled To Punitive Damages? Ocala And Gainesville Accident Attorney Explains
6 Steps To Buckling Up While Pregnant – Seat Belt Safety For Pregnant Women
Four Reasons Why You Should Have Bodily Injury Liability Insurance Coverage
Stopped Semi Truck Results In Fatal Accident In Bradford County
Know The Law About Pick-up Trucks And Buckle Up
Look Both Ways Before You Enter An Intersection

Dui And Criminal Defense
Florida Crash Illustrates The Dangers Of Broadside Collisions
The End Of School Brings A Greater Risk Of Drunk Driving
The Difference Between A Criminal And Civil Case After Dui Accident
What Is Bac And Why Is It Important?
What Are My Rights When I’m Pulled Over?
4 Facts Every Driver Should Know About Dui
Implied Consent And Breath, Blood, Or Urine Testing
What People Charged With A Dui Typically Get Pulled Over For
5 Important Facts About Boating Under The Influence
Field Sobriety Tests: Indicators Of A Dui In Florida
Reinstating A License After A Second Dui Offense In Florida
Drugged Driving—teens Most At Risk – Gainesville And Ocala Accident Attorney Explains
Drunk Driving Can Change Your Life Forever

Medical Malpractice
Medical Malpractice Can Cause Cerebral Palsy
How Does Medical Malpractice Cause Birth Injuries?
Local Med Mal Lawyer Explains Hip Replacement Complications And Lawsuits

Premises Liability Accidents

The High Costs Of A Tbi
Slip And Falls In Large Retail Stores
When To Call A Lawyer After A Florida Car Accident
Recognizing When A Gainesville Slip And Fall Accident Was The Result Of Negligence
When Defendants Avoid Liability | Slip And Fall Defenses In Florida
Common Defenses Used By Dog Owners Following A Dog Bite Attack In Florida
Landlords May Be Liable For Florida Dog Bites Occurring Off Premises

Public Service Announcements
Tedx Returns To Ocala!
Support American Legion Post 16!
10 Helpful Tips To Having A Safe Halloween!

Recalls & Defective Products
Do You Have Potentially Harmful Products In Your Home?
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Currently Investigating The Takata Brand Airbags For Possible Recall

Bicycle Accidents Information & Safety
Avoid A Bicycle Accident – Adult Safety Tips
Bicyclists – Know The Law And Stay Alive
11 Ways To Protect Your Brain – What You Should Know Before You Purchase A Bicycle Helmet
How To Properly Fit A Bicycle Helmet – 5 Guidelines To Keep In Mind

Big Truck Accidents

Questions To Consider After A Florida Owner-operator Truck Accident

Boating And Pool Accidents & Safety Information
Ocala Accident Attorney Explains The Legal Deep End Of Residential Pool Liability

Car And Motorcycle Accidents
What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Or Accident Attorney Actually Do For Accident Victims?
The Purpose, Process, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mediation In A Personal Injury/Accident Case In Florida
What Are The Qualities To Look For In A Top Personal Injury/Accident Lawyer?
Why I Wrote The Book, The Seven Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Florida Accident Case & Why It Is Important Reading Even Before You Are In An Accident
What Should I Do After An Auto Accident? A Top Gainesville Accident Attorney, Jeffrey Meldon, Gives His Recommendations And Tips
Top 10 Accident & Insurance Myths For Accident Victims In Florida
Maximum Medical Improvement: A Critical Point In A Personal Injury Case
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Discussed By A Leading Accident Lawyer In Gainesville Florida
The Seven Basic Legal Phases Of A Personal Injury Case; Part 1
The Seven Basic Legal Phases Of A Personal Injury Case; Part 2
The Seven Basic Legal Phases Of A Personal Injury Case; Part 3
Teach Your Childern Well; Beware Of The Dangers Teen Drivers Bring To The Road
8 Clever Tactics Used By Insurance Adjusters In Gainesville, Ocala And In All Of Florida After A Car Accident
Top Ten Biggest Mistakes Accident Victims Make When Dealing With Doctors After An Accident
How Can You Determine The Value Of Your Personal Injury, Car, Motorcycle, Truck Accident Or Wrongful Death Case. Or: What Is My Case Worth?
Not Buckling In Up In Florida Could Soon Become A Primary Offense; House Bill 1’s Progress
What Are The Proper Intersection Rules In Florida?
Tort And Tort Reform: What It Is And What Does It Mean To You In Florida
Know The Law: What Do The Stop Light Colors Really Mean?
Know The Law: Rules For Driving With School Buses In Florida
Bad Faith Denial Of Claims By Insurance Companies In Gainesville And Throughout Flordia
Know The Florida Point System For Traffic Violations
Florida Safety Laws For Pick-up Trucks
Vehicular Homicide Charge In Florida – What Does It Mean?
Comparative Negligence Is Explained And Discussed, Including Why It Is An Important Part Of Our Legal System For: Car, Motorcycle, Truck And Slip And Fall Accidents
Primary And Secondary Offenses: Know Your Rights But Stay Safe!
A Motorists Guide To Motorcycles – Share The Road
Hot Tips For Motorcyclists – Ride Safe This Summer
Florida Laws On Passing Other Vehicles
Auto Insurance Coverage: Laws, Recommendations, Factors And Tips For Florida Drivers
Tips For Drivers On How To Manage Blind Spots
Rear-end Collisions And Recovery Of Damages In Florida
Driving Distractions 101” (Plus, An Additional Heads Up For Florida Residents: Comparative Negligence)
Heads Up: Vehicle Accidents Are The Leading Cause Of Traumatic Brain Injury, A Serious Medical Condition With Long Term Consequences; And It Can Be Difficult To Diagnose
Head-on Collisions Are One Of The Most Dangerous Type Of Crashes; Here Is Why
Turning Signals; Know The Law In Florida For Safe Driving!
Here Are The Rules Of The Road For Pedestrians In Florida; What Every Walker Should Know To Be Safe And Legal
Car Accidents – The Most Common Cause Of Whiplash
Florida Law Regarding Child Safety Seats And Adult Seat Belt Use – Do You Know What It Says?
The Abcs Of Off-road And Recreational Vehicle Use: Atvs, Rovs, Ohms, Go-karts, And Golf Carts
Top 7 Tips For Construction Zone Safety
Four Factors To Keep In Mind When Keeping Your Distance
Bodily Injury Liability Insurance 101
Five Deadly Motorcycle Safety Myths
How To Survive A Water Crash
Aggressive Driving Defined-how To Identify It On The Road
U-turn-ocala Accident Lawyer Explains, How To Miss Your Turn, Safely
Restrain Your Pet-restraint Systems Explained
When Rubber Does Not Meet Pavement – Hydroplaning. 5 Ways To Avoid Losing Control
The 5 Factors Of Hydroplaning – Gainesville Accident Attorney Explains
Drugged Driving – Gainesville Accident Attorney Explains Its Hazards And The Medications And Drugs Contributing To It
T-bone Crashes – The Deadliest – Ocala Accident Attorney Explains
Sideswipe Accidents – Fault, General Causes, And Possible Ways To Avoid A Lane Departure Crash
Hit And Run Accident – How To Avoid Being Charged With This Crime
Gainesville Accident Attorney Explains Run-off-the-road Crashes
Punitive Damages In A Florida Auto Accident Case Explained By Local Attorney
Gainesville Accident Attorney Advises – The Third Degree For Summer Drivin
The Great Red-light Camera Debate – Gainesville Accident Attorney Helps Explain
Gainesville Accident Attorney Explains The Cost Of Under-inflated Tires
Tire Blow-out Litigation – Gainesville Accident Attorney Helps Understand
Do I Have A Wrongful Death Claim? Who Is Entitled To Make A Claim? A Gainesville And Ocala Accident Attorney Helps Answer Your Questions
Knee Injury Related To Car Crash Information – Ocala Personal Injury Attorney Helps You Understand Basic Symptoms And Types Of Knee Trauma
Shoulder Injuries Caused By An Accident. Gainesville Accident Attorney Helps Explain The Basics
Ocala Accident Attorney Explains Equestrian Laws And Rules For Riding On Roadways And Public Lands, And Laws For Motorists
Four Potential Parties For Liability In The Tragic I-75 Accidents – Gainesville Accident Attorney Helps Explain
How Can You Avoid Being Injured By An Airbag? Gainesville Accident Attorney Gives Two Airbag Safety Reminders
Features And Functions Of The Meldon Law Help! App’s Auto Accident Help Center
Pedestrian Hit By Vehicle – Gainesville Accident Attorney Explains Insurance Compensation
2012 Pip Reform Law – How It Will Impact Accident Victims – Gainesville And Ocala Accident Attorney Explains
Local Motorcycle Accidents Bring Home National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
Travel Safety Tips For The 15-passenger Van
Making Sense Of Spinal Disc Injury After A Serious Accident – What Is It And What To Do About It
Who Has The Right-of-way On The Roadway In Florida? Do You Know?
What Are The Most Dangerous Times To Be On The Road?
Current Gdl Laws In Florida Why Is This Program Important
Put Down That Phone: Texting A Leading Cause Of Florida Car Accidents
Must-read Statistics On Florida Work Zone Motor Vehicle Accident
Distracted Driving | Leading Cause Of Florida Car Accidents
Drowsy Driving As Dangerous As Driving Drunk – Don’t Underestimate The Danger!
The 3 Basic Steps To Help You Determine If You Have An Accident Claim

Dui And Criminal Defense
Summary Of The Dui Conviction Penalties In Gainesville, Alachua County And All Of Florida
New Proposed Bill Could Very Well Effect You!
Classification Of Crimes In Florida
If You Are Arrested For Dui Dwi In Gainesville Or Alachua County, You Have 10 Days To Appeal Your Driver’s License Suspension By Requesting A Dmv Formal Review Hearin
Deferred Prosecution Pilot Program For Certain Dui’s In Gainesville And Alachua County Explained. Part I
Criteria For The Deferred Prosecution Pilot Program For Certain Dui’s In Gainesville And Alachua County. Part Ii
Cmi Intoxilyzer 8000 Breath Testing Machine Information & Problems With It For Dui Police Arrests In Gainesville, Florida
Field Sobriety Testing Reliability Information For Dui Arrests In Gainesville, Florida. Know Your Rights During A Dui Arrest
First-time Dui Offense And Driver’s License Suspension – Experienced Gainesville Dui Lawyer Explains The Facts
First Offense Dui In Florida: How To Get Your License Back
Three Strikes, You’re Out? Consequences Of A Third Offense Florida Dui
Field Sobriety Tests Used To Judge Florida Duis
Can Your Florida Dui Charge Be Dismissed?

New Changes To Florida’s Slip And Fall Law Are Detrimental For Victims
Meldon Law / Wcjb-tv20 Scholar Athlete Program
Press Release: Meldon Law/ Wcjb-tv20 Will Host The 17th Annual Scholar Athlete Awards Banquet
Tv20 And Meldon Law Scholar Athlete Of The Year Program
Meldon Law In The Community

Medical Malpractice
Gainesville Medical Malpractice Attorney Reviews Why Medical Malpractice Caps Exist – A Historical Pererpective
Gainesville And Ocala Med Mal Lawyer Explains The Risks Involved In Hip Replacement Surgery
Manufacturing Vs. Design Defects – Gainesville Medical Malpractice Lawyer Explains The Difference

Premises Liability Accidents
What Is Negligence? Gainesville Accident Attorney Explains
Gainesville Accident Attorney Gives Examples Of Attractive Nuisance In Florida
Landlords Beware: You May Be Liable For Florida Dog Bite Injuries
Owners Face Strict Liability For Dog Bites In Florida
Potential Effects Of Florida Dog Bites: From Rabies To Death
Understanding Negligence Per Se | Following A Florida Dog Bite Attack

Recalls & Defective Products
Some Facts And Information About Chinese Drywall

Meldon Law In The Community
Arc Of Marion’s 3rd Annual Ocala Bike Fest
Spirit Of The Automobile
Casino Royale 007
Meldon Law Joins King Of The Wing
Career Day At The Pace Center For Girls
Meldon Law Gives Back For The Thanksgiving Holiday
Young Professionals Look To Lead Through Service Within The Local Community
Attorney Jeffrey Meldon Accepts The Als Ice Bucket Challenge
On Air Interview With Jordan Thorp, Miss Gainesville’s Outstanding Teen 2014
The Meldon Law Team Is Seeking Your Help In The Fight Against Hunger!
Meldon Law Team Takes Part In Relay For Life Gainesville
Pledge 5 Foundation’s Continuum 5k9 Run
Attorney Jeffrey Meldon Attends The 2014 Aipac Policy Conference
Jewish Student Community Center Expands At The University Of Florida
The Meldon Law Team Goes Red For National Wear Red Day!

Big Truck Accidents
Been Injured In An Accident With A Big Truck? Get Help Today! Gainesville & Ocala Truck Attorney Gives You The Facts
Help With A Big Rig Crash. Gainesville And Ocala Truck Attorney Gives The Facts

Car And Motorcycle Accidents
Bad Faith Claim Example
Accident Case Result – One Example
Accident Attorney Gainesville Ocala Florida Help
Pip Insurance – Gainesville Lawyer Explains
Best Accident Protection – Ocala Injury Lawyer Explains Um
Florida Auto Insurance Requirments – Injury Lawyer Explains
Pip Insurance – Gainesville Lawyer Answers Questions
Know What To Do If You Are In An Accident! Get Your Free Florida Accident Kit Today
What Does Florida Being A No-fault State Mean? Ocala Accident Attorney Explains
Experienced Gainesville And Ocala Accident Attorney Law Office – Check Us Out!
Help Getting Justice From The Insurance Company After An Accident
The Florida Accident Guide…do You Have Yours Yet?
Are You Adequately Insured In The Event Of An Accident? Find Out!
Accident Victim’s Protection Guide Book For Gainesville And Ocala – Get Help Now
Role Of Insurance Adjusters In Car Accident Cases
Filling Out Forms After A Gainesville Car Accident
Get Justice Working On Your Side With Meldon Law

Big Truck Accidents
Slap Surgery Following A Rear-end Collision
Semi Truck Vs. School Bus Accident

Car And Motorcycle Accidents
Hit By Driver Of A Company Vehicle Who Ran Stop Sign- $995,00
Head-on Collision With A Drunk Driver- $137,500
18 Month Old Toddler Run Over By Car Pulling Out Of Driveway- $305,000
Rear Passenger Sustains T-4 Fracture When T-boned – $250,00
Rear-ended While Making Legal U-turn On Highway – $250,000
Avascular Necrosis Of The Hip Resulting From T-bone Collision – $110,000.00
Traveling School Teacher Rear Ended On The Job – $157,500
Rear Ended By Drunk Driver – $150,000
Lumbar Laminotomy Folowing Accident
Passenger In Motor Home Sideswiped By Vehicle On Highway
Passenger In Single Vehicle Accident

Dui And Criminal Defense
Gainesville, Florida Driver With A Taillight Out Pulled Over
Gainesville, Florida Driver Tested Positive Of Prescription Medication Has All Charges Dismissed
Dui Deferral Program Reduces Charge To Reckless Driving In Gainesville, Florida
Gainesville, Florida Driver Pleas To DUI Charge, Without Increased Penalties
Gainesville, Florida Driver With Window Tint And Failure To Drive Within A Single Lane, Arrested For DUI
Gainesville, Florida Driver Sleeping Behind The Wheel Charged With DUI, Reduced To Reckless Driving
Gainesville, Florida Driver Admitted Into Dui Deferral Program, DUI Reduced To Reckless Driving Charge
Gainesville, Florida DUI Charge Reduced To Reckless Driving With Alcohol
Gainesville, Florida DUI& Resisting Arrest Without Violence Charges Reduced
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
DUI With Property Damage
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DDUIui
Charge: DUI, Driving While License Suspended, Possession Of Controlled Substance
Charge: DUIAnd Resisting Arrest Without Violence
Gainesville, Florida Driver Vehicle Accident In Apartment Complex, Charged With DUI
Gainesville, Florida Driver Side-swiped A Vehicle, Arrested For DUI
Gainesville, Florida Driver Backed Into Another Car In Parking Lot, Charged With DUI
Gainesville, Florida Dui Checkpoint Arrest Reduced To Reckless Driving
Gainesville, Florida Dui Reduced To Reckless Driving
Gainesville, Florida Driver Traveling In The Wrong Direction On A One-way Street Arrested For DUI, Case Reduced
Gainesville, Florida Trespassing & Resisting An Officer Criminal Charges Dismissed
Citizen Alerted Law Enforcement About Impaired Driver, Led To Dui Arrest
Reckless Driver Tries To Impress Co-worker, Arrested For DUI
Gainesville, Florida Student Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Charges Dismissed
Gainesville Police Department Traffic Stop, Drug Charge Reduced To DUI
Car Accident Lead To DUI Arrest
Vehicle Swerved, Led To DUI Arrest
Charge: Possession Of Drug Equipment
Dui With Property Damage Defense Lawyers
Charges: Dui/Failure To Obey Traffic Device
Gainesville, Florida DUI Arrest
Deferred Prosecution Program Results In Reduced Charge Of Reckless Driving With Alcohol After Gpd DUI Arrest
Meldon Law Secure Lesser Charge Of Reckless Driving With Alcohol
Meldon Law Attorneys Were Successfully Seek Early Termination Of The Driver’s Probation
Charges Reduced To Reckless Driving With Alcohol
Driver Observed Passed Out At The Wheel
Dui Defense Attorneys
Dwi Defense Attorney
Charge: DUI & Resisting An Officer
Dui Defense
Charge: DUI
Charges: DUI – Damage To Persons Or Property
Charges: DUI
Charges: DUI
DWI Defense Team
Charges: DUI
Charges: DUI
Charges: DUI
Charges: DUI, Leaving The Scene Of An Accident With Property Damage
Charges: DUI
Charges: Possession Of Alcohol By A Person Under 21 Years Of Age
Charges: DUI
Charges: Felony Aggravated Stalking
Charges: DUI
Charges: DUI
Charges: DUI, Possession Of Less Than 20g Of Marijuana, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
Offense: DUI
Charges: Leaving The Scene Of An Accident With Property Damage
Charges: DUI
Charges: DUI, Driving Without Headlights At Night
Charges: Possession Of Alcohol By A Person Under 21 Years Of Age
Charges: Possession Of Less Than 20g Of Cannabis, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
Charges: Possession Of Less Than 20g Of Cannabis, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession Of Liquor By A Person Under 21 Years Ol
Charges: Possession Of Less Than 20g Of Cannabis, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
Charges: Possession Of Alcohol By A Person Under 21 Years Of Age
Charges: Maintaining A Vehicle Used For Drugs
Charges: DUI
Charges: DUI(2nd Offense)
Charges: DUI With Property Damage, Smuggling Contraband Into Prison
Charges: DUI, Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road
Charges: DUI
Charges: DUI, Unlawful Speed
Charges: DUI
Charges: Possession Of More Than 20g Of Cannabis
Charges: DUI, Leaving Scene Of Accident Causing Damage To Property
Charges: DUI, Possession Of Less Than 20g Of Cannabis, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
Charges: Leaving The Scene Of An Accident With Property Damage, Resisting An Officer Without Violence
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charge: DUI
Charges: Possession Of More Than 20g Cannabis, Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia, Maintaining A Dwelling Where Drugs Are Used Or Sold
Charge: No Valid Driver’s License
Charge: DUI
Charge: Unlawful Race
Meldon Law Negotiates With State Attorney’s Office For Reduced Fines In Dui Case
Meldon Law Were Able To Secure A Lesser Charge Of Dui Which Did Dot Include Any Jail Time
Driver Receives A Non-jail Sentence Even Though The Dui Involved Property Damage
Reduced Charges For Dui Driver Observed Swerving
Driver Observed Traveling Without Headlights
Driver Makes An Illegal Left-hand Turn
Gainesville Driver Travelling Westbound Hits A Curb
Charges Reduced For Dui Driver Veering Into Oncoming Traffic
Charges Reduced For Dui Driver Veering Into Oncoming Traffic

Fingers Severed On Young Boy In Bicycle Basket – $108,300
State Of Florida Restitution Check Fraud

Case Result: Medical Malpractice
Nica Claim For Death Of Baby At Delivery – $110,000
Medical Malpractice
Medical Malpractice

Case Result: Premises Liability Accidents